Matthias A. Peterseim

This site shows things I do or think concerning the wide-ranging subject of architecture.

Sala della Topografia
The ramp continues towards the piazza with the Forma Urbis. The exhibition hall on this side is a classical gallery. The partly technical, partly picturesque images of Rome hanging on the walls are illuminated by a diffuse light ceiling. In the middle of the “Hall of Topography” there is a light table that enables an interactive dialog and comparison with the historical maps.

The hall deals with the topography of the city, which has shaped modern cartography to this day. The so-called “Nuova Pianta di Roma” by Giovanni Battista Nolli from 1748 is unsurpassed in its level of detail and precision. Other drawings such as the “Campo Marzio” by Piranesi are reminiscent of the Forma Urbis that can be seen on the outside.

Part of the hall is raised by a few steps. A backlit, touch-sensitive map shows overlays of a current satellite image with the historical maps shown before. The interactive elements are a significant part of the museum, making it not only an attraction for tourists, but also a place of scientific relevance, showcasing and discussing the newest archeologic findings. A second door takes visitors back to a wider platform in the foyer, which leads the view back to the Forma Urbis.