Matthias A. Peterseim

This site shows things I do or think concerning the wide-ranging subject of architecture.

Thematically differentiated exhibition halls develop vertically along the outer ambulatory. They house exhibits of several different media types. Each media type requires a unique kind of lighting. The halls at their exact position along the ramp in the inner core of the building react to this condition.

The first hall, a cinema, creates a strong contrast to the outer covered walkway. It’s dark, the floor descends toward the screen. Sitting on stone benches, visitors get to see documentaries or fictional scenes making the former Foro della Pace come alive. Back on the outer ambulatory, the eye falls on the actual excavation site at the foot of the building. The moving image scenes can be directly projected on the remains of the   basement of former fountains and flowerbeds.

For the purpose of communicating this project, several computer-generated film scenes were creatd. They can be viewed at the end of this page. jump