Matthias A. Peterseim

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III/ Museo della Forma Urbis


The marble map is being reconstructed at the original location on today's Via dei Fori Imperiali on the rear wall of the church Santi Cosma e Damiano, which was incorporated into the Peace Forum’s structure in late antiquity. The map is part of the public square in front of the church portal which itself is an addition from the 1930s. An open, always accessible
vis-à-vis enables viewing the map from a suitable distance. The adjoining Maxentius Basilica, the loggia and the museum, watching over the square, frame the view and circumscribe the piazza. Following the excavation edge, the former
of the FUR’s aula can be traced.

The associated Museo della Forma Urbis is dedicated to the urban development of Rome from ancient times to the present day. Integrated into the large Parco Archeologico del Colosseo (ParCo), it is visited as part of a tour across the Forum Romanum, the Imperial Fora and the Palatine Hill. The main access is from the great Via dei Fori Imperiali onto a new plateau that forms Piazza SS. Cosma e Damiano.

The building is located in the area of the former Foro Della Pace and offers access to the excavations in the basement. Alternatively, visitors can cross the loggia to get to the recently uncovered, ancient pathway
“Vicus ad Carinas”
, which once connected the Forum and the Suburra. It leads straight through a vault called
„Arco del Latrone“
below the Maxentius Basilica.